Basic Skin Care for Teens: Face Washing

Basic Skin Care for Teens: Face Washing

If you are a parent with adolescents or teenagers in the house, you need to understand and also be aware of skin care for your kids and what better way than to impart to them the simplest method of face washing as basic skin care for your teens.

Surprised? Actually it is by understanding the fact that as children enter adolescence, they still have sensitive skin that requires delicate and constant care for them to have healthy skin.

Many parents usually worry over the prospect of their teenagers having problems with acne or oily skin; however, it is best to know how to deal with each possible skin problem teenagers are likely to encounter.

Probably one of the most common factors that lead to parents worrying over their children’s skin problems knows that as teenagers, they are already independent of washing and bathing themselves, wherein parents no longer have the idea of how their kids go about their skin care routines.

Are they simply using water to wash their faces? Or probably using your facial skin toners or cleansers or use bar soaps to wash their faces?

These things need to be carefully considered and corrected since this could lead to more harm than good if the incorrect method is not corrected right away.

Out of the three mentioned routines earlier, washing the face with water is the safest process of all, while the remaining two could prove harmful to your teenager.

Do remember that since adolescent skin is still sensitive, the appearance of acne does not conclusively indicate that your child’s face is really dirty, but is just a result of their skin’s sensitivity.

Also, adult facial cleansing formulas could also be too harsh for their sensitive skin and should also be avoided.

Using acne removal treatments could only lead to aggravating the problem or even do more damage to your child’s skin regeneration process.

Essentially, skin or face washing habits for adolescents should be limited to once a day since anything in excess of that can be damaging to their skin.

Parents and teenagers as well, must be aware that adolescents should only be using gentle cleansers on their skin, for which the best choices are those made of natural or water based cleansers and cream-based cleansers that not only cleans but moisturizes skin as well.

Face cleansing should ideally be done once a day, as mentioned earlier, unless your teens are active in after –school sport or outdoor activities, where intense sweating or exposure to dust and grime are part of the activity.

 Also avoid letting your kids use body lotion on their faces, if they feel that their skin needs moisturizing, since the skin from the neck up is more sensitive and requires delicate attention, most especially since majority of body lotions available in the market contain certain ingredients that can cause reactions on facial skin.

It is a rare fact for teenagers to worry about moisturizing their skin, but if the skin starts to become extra dry, a gentle water-based moisturizer would do. You can ask a dermatologist or a licensed skin care expert for products that can be helpful for skin teenager’s skin conditions.

In a nutshell, skin care for adolescents should just be more of simply clearing the dirt or grime from the topmost layer of the skin and to ensure good skin care habits, like face washing as basic skin care for teens, is by instilling in them the responsibility and awareness of what needs to be done and what should not.

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