Simple and Effective Skin Care Basics

Simple and Effective Skin Care Basics

Many people usually neglect the importance of ensuring the need to take good care of their skin; however, many also are not aware that there are simple and effective skin care basics for everyone and anyone.

Many experts agree that skin care is not just a concern for a select few, but a must for everyone, be it for hygiene, sanitary or aesthetic purposes.

Are you even aware that basic skin care can be as easy as a two-step process that would not eat up so much of your time every day, and can even help you achieve the maximum desired results if followed through diligently and consistently?

Basic skin care is not rocket science, it is simply the practical and logical process by which we take good care of our skin and the need, plus the process by which we naturally care or our skin, is initially inherent among ourselves.

There are two basic skin care steps that work for everybody and is often the most effective one that can be properly and routinely practiced regularly and ensure that your skin is properly maintained and cared for.

Let us go through the two basic skin care steps,

First is cleansing. We cannot deny the fact that skin, especially the one that gets exposed to the sun, wind and water is subjected to dirt and other conditions that exposes the skin to dirt and oxidation, that leads to dryness and oxidation.

There are varying skin types ranging from oily to dry skin and one may be able to tell which skin type he or she has.

Knowing your skin type is key in determining the type of cleanser that you will need for basic skin cleaning.

If you are having difficulty trying to determine which skin type you have, you can consult a dermatologist or skin care expert for advice on which ones are appropriate for your skin type.

Also take good note that facial skin is more delicate compared to body skin, so it is also crucial to note that skin from the neck up requires a bit more delicate and careful attention.

Skin care cleansers are widely available in supermarkets and drugstores and there’s no need to spend for the more fancy and expensive ones, since what is key to knowing which is which is to know what’s in it and what it is made of and not particularly that company that made it.

One good word of advice though, is to avoid soaps that have the tendency to dry the skin and one good suggestion for cleaning facial skin is a cream -based cleanser for dry skin and a cleanser made without oil for those with oily skin types.

Step two is exfoliation, which is the process by which the dead skin cells on the surface or the top layer of the skin are removed through a gentle skin abrasion process with the use of natural or synthetic –based cleansers. This process effectively helps in rejuvenating new skin cells and providing for good and hygienic conditions for which skin cells regenerate.

Exfoliation is often the most widely-practiced process of the skin care process and makes up the weekly skin care routine of almost everybody.

These are basically the two most common skin care basics for everyone which should not be ignored by everyone who wants to maintain to have a beautiful and healthy skin.

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